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2016 Year In Review: My Year of GROWTH

As I sit here typing on this eve of the New Year, I am thinking about how absolutely giddy and excited I am about all that is to come in 2017!

2016 seemed to be a pretty rough year for many people. All throughout my social media feeds, I’ve seen countless posts with anticipation to end such a dreary year, and with hope that this upcoming year will be much better.

I am a generally happy, bubbly, and optimistic person (you kinda have to be when it is your job to motivate and speak life into others), but I must say that I experienced several challenges and personal setbacks this year that has me running to the finish line, and ready to leap into a year full of happiness, fulfillment, and abundance. In fact, I have declared that my word for 2017 will be LEAP.

Last year, I wrote my very first “Year in Review” post, and it was very therapeutic in a way. It was great to reflect back on all of the positive things that happened in my life as opposed to dwelling on the things that didn’t quite go as planned, or that downright sucked.

So, here goes…I bring to you my highlight reel of 2016:

Doubled My Number of Speaking Gigs

I achieved one of my top goals for the year, which was to double the number of speaking engagements that I had in 2015. Mission accomplished! Speaking and teaching are undoubtedly my two most favorite aspects of my business, so not only do I get to do what I absolutely LOVE, but I truly feel like I’m walking in my purpose every time I step on a stage or in front of a room. In 2017, I hope to keep it going by doubling my numbers again…and also to add INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER to my resume (Yes, I’m claiming it in advance!)

Nikola Ahaiwe Speaking at The PowHERful Woman Conference

Speaking at The PowHERful Woman Conference – truly a “Mama I Made It” moment!

Nikola Ahaiwe Speaking at Women of Power MixerSharing my story at the Women of Power LA Mixer.

Nikola Ahaiwe Speaking at ALM Women's Empowerment EventWhat a pleasure it was to serve on a panel with these wonderful women of God at ALM’s Women’s Empowerment Dinner.

Nikola Ahaiwe - Motivational Speaker

The look of complete happiness to be walking in my purpose, teaching a Social Media Strategies for small businesses workshop.

Nikola Ahaiwe Speaking at Noir Unicorn Event

Pouring into the women attending the Noir Unicorn’s After Work Sisterhood Pop Up Mixer…sharing tips on how to create their 9-5 exit strategy.

Nikola Ahaiwe - Motivational Speaker

I’m very expressive and tend to talk with my hands alot. That’s when you know the message is GOOD!

Nikola Ahaiwe Teaching Social Media Strategies

Just a few of the other workshops and events I had the honor of speaking at this year. In 2017 I will be better about getting pics of my speaking gigs.


Launched My First Mini Course

This was a major accomplishment for two reasons: 1) I had been sitting on this idea for over a year, and finally took the time to make it a reality. I launched it as a mini course first, as a sort of test run leading up to the launch of my signature course, of the same name, that will be launching this year. 2.) I had absolutely NO knowledge of how to go about getting this done, but I didn’t let that stop me. I did the research. I implemented what I learned, and I DID IT. It was a lesson in not waiting until things are perfect, but instead, just getting started and improving as you go. I got a lot of really good feedback, and am so excited to launch the full course, in addition to several other courses, this year. Stay tuned!

Mogul Marketing Bootcamp Mini Course Launch

Hosted My First Signature Event: Say YES to Your Dreams

Another “just do it” moment. I was going to wait until the new year to host this event, jut because I felt that January was the time when most people go into vision board/planning/goal setting mode. But I realized that mid-year was the perfect time to do an assessment of where you are in the pursuit of your goals and to get a little motivation to keep going. I’m happy to say that the event was a success! Each and every panel speaker was AMAZING and the women in attendance walked away with a lot of valuable information and the confidence to boldly walk in the direction of their dreams. Planning is already underway for the next event, which will be a little different, but equally, if not more, wonderful than the first!

Say YES to Your Dreams Vision Board Event

Launched Moguls Give Back

I literally started Moguls Give Back on a whim! I wanted to find a way to give back to my community, and I figured what better way than to start my own initiative?! The goal was for my fellow entrepreneurs to band together and do our part to service our communities.  I reached out to my tribe via social media and was overwhelmed and thrilled at the amount of support it received. In the summer, we hosted a School Supply Drive where we were able to bless almost 100 students with all of the supplies they needed to have a successful school year. In November, we hosted a turkey giveaway, where we were able to bless 6 wonderful families. This could not have been done without the generous donations we received. A special thank you goes out to Kenya Kirkland of Shop 1323 for letting us host the first event at her boutique, and Shelley Mechette of The PowHERful Woman for being an official partner for the second event. In 2017, I hope to take these efforts to the next level by officially forming a non-profit 501(c)3, and hosting more charity events throughout the year.

Moguls Give Back - Nikola Ahaiwe Non Profit

Moguls Give Back School Supply Drive

Moguls Give Back Turkey Giveaway

Weight Loss Journey

My weight has been a big struggle for me for YEARS. Prior to being involved in the car accident that left me unable to walk for nearly 6 months, I was finally able to get a hold of it by dropping nearly 40lbs. Unfortunately, after that horrible ordeal, I just could not seem to get it back under control. The main reason was because I had on-going ankle issues that prevented me from working out the way that I would have liked to. This year, however, I decided not to let that hold be back anymore. I invested in a personal trainer (shout out to Lance Branchman) and finally started working toward my health and fitness goals again. In just the last two months of the year, I’ve been able to see a difference in, not only the way I look, but more importantly, the way I feel. Although the scale has only just recently started to be my friend (I wasn’t seeing much of a difference in my weight), I experienced so many non-scale victories, such as my clothes fitting better, loss of inches and a change in my body composition, better eating habits, and overall feeling healthier and stronger (I no longer feel like I am going to pass out after each workout lol). Also, its given me increased confidence that is showing up in other aspects of my life, and business. Therefore, I will continue training into the new year, and who knows…I may even run a marathon or two before the year is up!

Nik Gets Fit - Weight Loss Journey

Nik Gets Fit - Weight Loss Journey

Made Memories and Enjoyed Life

This was probably my most important fete of 2016…MAKING the time to experience life and make memories with those that I love. There is nothing like a near fatal experience to make you realize just how precious life is. Over the last few years, I’ve had this feeling that I’ve been merely existing, as opposed to living. This year, I can truly say I took my first steps to changing that by getting out there and making memories with my loved ones. After all, one of the main reasons I started my business was to have full freedom and control of my time, and because I wanted to live life on my own terms. In 2016, I finally figured out exactly what that looks like…

Took a couple of Kid-cations (vacays with the kiddos)…a road trip to San Diego and to visit family in Texas…

Nikola Ahaiwe - Time Freedom

Spent a lot of quality time going on family outings and experiencing fun, new places.

Nikola Ahaiwe - Time Freedom

Nikola Ahaiwe - Time Freedom

Nikola Ahaiwe - Time Freedom

…was even able to get in a few Mom-cations (without the kiddos) to Catalina Island and Washington DC.

Nikola Ahaiwe - Time Freedom

Nikola Ahaiwe - Time Freedom

…and I made a conscious effort to get out more and support friends, family, and fellow business owners at their events, celebrating life occasions, and on their creative endeavors.

Nikola Ahaiwe - Time Freedom

I know a lot of people that experienced quite a few challenges and hardships in 2016 (myself included), but it’s so important to take a step back and remind yourself of all of the things that went well, all of the things you’re grateful for, and the many blessings that you have in spite of everything else.

Now that you’ve had a glimpse into my year, I want to know:

What has 2016 taught you

What is the one thing that 2016 taught you? Drop a comment below.



MITM Entrepreneur Spotlight: Katie Bressack

Today’s MITM Entrepreneur Spotlight features Katie Bressack, founder of Balanced Beings,  a health and wellness company specializing in women’s health. Katie’s mission is to inspire and support women so that they can live healthy and vibrant lifestyles!  She draws on her own personal health experiences to teach  simple and easy steps to create more wellness in your life. With energy, enthusiasm and passion, Katie motivates and encourages women to take that small step in their life to create a healthier, holistic lifestyle.

Check out her story…

Katie Bressack - Health and Wellness Expert

Name: Katie Bressack

Location: Manhattan Beach

Business Name: Balanced Beings

Years in Business: 4 This November!

Are you a full or part time business owner?

Full time.

Why did you start your business?

I was a 28 year old living in New York city with a thriving career and active social network of great family and friends. I was happy, healthy and succeeding in all areas of life, that is until I found myself with a sinus infection. This was not just your run-of-the-mill sinus infection that can be treated with a cycle of antibiotics, but one that lasted for an entire year. Based on my happiness, continual hustle and bustle of city life, and career success at the time, I blindly assumed I was “being healthy” and kind to my body. What I failed to realize was that this perfectionist, type-A city woman was so full of stress, adrenaline and quick–fix medicine that I was unable to recognize that the lifestyle I was living was actually doing more harm than good and would be extremely detrimental and unsustainable in the long-run if I did not make some changes and fast!

The first step on my journey to wellness was finding a holistic doctor to guide me through the process. I was fortunate enough to find a doctor that changed my life and I will be forever indebted to her. Her advice ironically enough, was extremely simple: Stop taking medicine that was just masking the symptoms and not actually fixing the problem and more importantly, relax. She gave me a prescription for a neti-pot, probiotics, yoga and meditation. While normally this stubborn New Yorker would have laughed at the idea of relaxation and natural remedies as a solution, I was so desperate to get over this year-long infection that I was willing to try anything. And so with this appointment, I had my “aha” moment with my health.

From that day forward I vowed that life is too short to live that type of stress-induced lifestyle and I would never allow myself to get back to that place again. I started incorporating health and wellness into my life through meditation, yoga and an improved healthy diet amongst many other elements. Since then I’ve changed from an illness prone stress case into the woman I am today, and haven’t had a sinus infection for seven years. This experience entirely changed the trajectory of my life. I realized that in order to practice health and wellness regularly, I needed to permanently put myself in an environment that fostered this lifestyle. I decided to quit my high-stress job in New York, move to the South Bay, become a yoga teacher, return to school to become a Holistic Health Coach and launch my own health and wellness consulting business. It took me years to figure out the best way to take care of myself and my health and it is from my own experience that I draw inspiration to help women feel healthier and more joyful in their lives.

Katie Bressack - Health and Wellness Expert

What has been the most rewarding aspect of having your own business?

What continues to inspire me is watching my clients transform their lives right in front of my eyes, one day at a time. It is the most incredible feeling to see all of the women I have supported feel so proud and comfortable in their bodies and dedicated to maintaining the new healthy and active lifestyle I’ve worked with them to create. I’ve seen so many of the women complete the program with so much increased confidence that they are willing to take risks they would never have considered before. For example, upon completion of her program, one recent client was so motivated to take life by the horns and not let another minute pass her by, decided to move to London to follow her dreams! It is women like this that drive me to run my business.

What are your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge is managing all of my ideas! I get inspired so often when I am working with clients or just in a yoga class that I want to implement things right away, but that often gets in the way of growing my business with focus. What I have done is create a document where I can write down all of my ideas and when I have time I look at the list and see what would be the next best step.

What is the best business advice you’ve ever received?

That being busy doesn’t mean your business is growing. I often get stuck in the small every day details but what is most important is the big picture. If I sit at my desk every day writing blogs but I am not meeting new people, then my business might not grow.

Do you have a team or are you a one man/woman show?

One woman show.

Katie Bressack - Health and Wellness Expert

Where do you see your biz in the next 5 years?

My online community Thrive In Your Body is flourishing and I have woman all of the world being a part of this online community where we have group calls and an online platform where we will all be supporting one another with our health and wellness journey. I will be holding retreats and my book Thrive In Your Body will be a New York Times Bestseller!

What advice would you give to other Moguls in the Making?

To always listen to your gut and keep moving forward. Set-backs and challenges are important and we learn so much from them and never ever give up!

For more information on Katie Bressack, check her out online at:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


If you would like to be featured in the MITM Entrepreneur Spotlight, please email your request to info@nikolaahaiwe.com

To Your Prosperity and Success,

Nikola Ahaiwe

Business Success Coach | Marketing Strategist | Motivational Speaker

Nikola Ahaiwe






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My Weight Loss Journey + Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos Recipe

In April of last year, I set out on a healthier lifestyle journey.  My weight was out of control, I felt sluggish all the time, and was overall unhappy about my appearance.  I started working out, and I wouldn’t say I started “dieting”, but I definitely changed my eating habits.  I was so proud of myself!  For the first time ever, I began to enjoy my exercise routine and actually stuck with it. I started preparing to run my first 5k and was well on my way to reaching my first weight loss goal.

Nikola at the Culver City Stairs

By September, I was down 3olbs…only 10 pound shy of my goal.  Unfortunately, I was in a really bad car accident that left me with a broken talus (the major bone in your ankle).  I had to wear this crazy looking metal contraption for 3 long months, graduated to a big, bulky boot, and needed to walk with a walker.  I was left with a broken spirit and, needless to say, my weight loss  goals came to a screeching halt because I could no longer walk nor prepare my own healthy meals.  Not to mention, the doctors had little hope that I would ever be able to run again.

Nikola wearing Metal Asphyx

Fast forward to May 2014.  I had slowly made progress and was able to move around a lot better. I was determined to get  back in shape!  I still had a lot of physical limitations that didn’t allow me to work out the way that I used to, so I decided that at the very least I could get back into the groove of preparing healthier meals  again.

I set out to find some really GOOD, healthy recipes, because I believe that healthy doesn’t have to be boring and there would be no eating like a bird over here! Of course I started my search on my number one go-to resource site: Pinterest!  I found a ton of fun and delicious looking recipes that I wanted to try.  My very first were these Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos. OMG, were these a hit!  They were bursting with flavor…yum!

Here is the recipe.

Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos
Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos

I’ve been posting pictures of my “healthy doesn’t have to be boring” recipes on Facebook, and so many people have reached out to me to share them, so I’ve decided to make this a weekly feature on the blog.  Why? Because I feel that your health and wellness is an integral part of being a mogul  in the making.  I hope that my weight loss journey, even with all of the obstacles and curveballs thrown my way, will inspire others to make their health a priority and embark on a journey of their own.

Do you have any fun and healthy recipes that you would like to share? Leave a comment below.

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