{EVENT} Unleash Your Inner Mogul Women’s Empowerment/Business Brunch

Mogul in the Making is collaborating with the Purpose Boss Women organizatio to bring you... Mogul Business and Women's Empowerment Brunch The Unleash Your Inner Mogul Brunch! We have an amazing line up of speakers, ready to share their expertise in the areas of branding, funding, PR, and marketing. My speaking topic is Positioning Yourself to Profit by creating passive income streams to increase your revenue. Mogul Brunch Speakers - Nikola Ahaiwe The other amazing speakers include... Ronnisha Wilson - Do It Yourself PR: How to Get Press Features Mogul Brunch Speakers - Ronnisha Wilson Kimberly Marie - "5 Essentials of an Irresistible Brand" Mogul Brunch Speaker - Kimberly Marie Suzanne Dave - 6 Steps to Fundraising: How to Get Funding For Your Business Mogul Brunch Speakers - Suzanne Dave In addition to the wealth of knowledge you'll receive from our speakers, we will also enjoy a buffet style brunch. The first 10 registered guests will receive a complimentary swag bag. There will also be raffles and prizes given throughout the event. So come out and network, have a great time, and learn how to take your business to the next level! Early bird tickets are just $45 if you book by Sunday, October 22 at 11:59pm. After, regular admission is $55. Please note that all tickets are presale only, unfortunately we will not be selling tickets at the door. Space is limited, so hurry and grab your ticket HERE before it's too late!

{LIVE EVENT} Marketing + Profit Planning Mastermind

Marketing Blueprint Mastermind       On Saturday, October 21, 2017 11am-2pm, I am hosting an exclusive, LIVE 3 hour mastermind, The Marketing + Profit Blueprint, where, together, we will create a strategic roadmap to help you attract more clients, increase sales, and make more money in your business. During the session, we will cover how to:
  • Nail your niche to identify and attract more clients
  • Position yourself to profit by outlining your signature services, packages, and offerings
  • Create a solid, strategic marketing plan to ensure you reach your business + income goals
  • Set up systems to free up more of your time while you make money in your sleep
  • Identify and create passive income streams to generate more revenue
  • ...and much, MUCH, more
The early bird price for this event is just $75 through October 14. After, regular price is $97. This workshop is normally $497,  but I have priced it at this insanely low rate so that you have ZERO EXCUSES as to why you can't build the wildly successful and profitable business you've dreamed of. I want to see you WIN! For more info and to reserve your seat,  CLICK HERE to purchase your ticket. There are only 10 spots available, so don't hesitate. You don't want to miss out

{VIDEO} Sneak Peek Inside of the Live Your Vision Planner!

  They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That is exactly why I created the Live Your Vision workbook that doubles as a planner. This 108 page book was designed as a tool to help you take your goals, ideas, and the big vision you have for your life and business, and turn them into reality. So many people have reached out to me, asking for a sneak peak of the contents of the book, and a breakdown of how it works. So, I decided to put together this quick video that explains it all!  

Click HERE to order now!

  The Live Your Vision planner is the ultimate tool to help you achieve your goals and live your life...on purpose! The book is broken down into two sections: Part One is a workbook designed to help you by engaging in interactive goal setting activities. Part Two is a year long planner. Each month begins with a monthly calendar, followed by a weekly planner. At the end of each month's segment, you will have an opportunity to answer questions to reflect on the past month's activities, as well as assess your growth.   LYV Planner   Success is intentional and has to be planned for. The Live Your Vision planner is here to help you stay on the path to living your dream life!  

Click HERE to get yours today!

Side Hustle to CEO: Q&A Replay

Last night, I planned to host the Side Hustle to CEO Masterclass, but due to some major tech issues, that unfortunately didn't happen.   Instead of canceling altogether (which I absolutely hate to do), I did a little quick thinking, and decided to do an impromptu Facebook Live Q&A session for those that signed up for the class.   You can CLICK HERE to check it out.   If you were already signed up for the class, don't worry, you don't have to do anything else. You will receive your login information via email. If you did not sign up for last night's class, you're in luck! Just click here to grab your spot now, as space is limited.   I truly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I always look for the message in every situation, and this was my main takeaway: as an entrepreneur, always be prepared to pivot and shift. When everything that can go wrong, goes wrong, think fast, come up with a plan B, but whatever you do, don't let minor setbacks keep you from stepping forward.   That's a word!   Looking forward to chatting with you all next week!   XOXO,   Nikola  

Media Kit Design – Special Promotional Rate $75

Media Kit Design Promo Do you need a media kit designed for your business? For a limited time, I am offering the first 5 clients to sign up a special promotional rate of  just $75. (Insane, right?!)
Why am I doing this? Simply put, I'm ready to upgrade my design skills. You see, I have been running from it for a longgg time, because, well, I don't see myself as a "graphic designer." I actually went to school and completed a graphic design certification program years ago, but I never pursued it. As a result, my skills got a little rusty. Lately, I've been doing some design projects for myself, and my biz bestie even convinced me to jump back in the arena by re-designing her website. Sooo, I decided, why not continue dusting the cobwebs off, and get a little more practice and projects under my belt before I decide if it is a service I would like to include to add additional value to what I already offer my clients.
What does this mean for you? Whether you've been thinking about getting a media kit done, or if seeing this special offer influenced your decision, you're in luck! I will NEVER offer this service again at such a low price. Consider it a special thank you gift for allowing me to test drive my newest offering on you.
Once your payment has been made, I will send you over a questionnaire to learn more about your business, style, etc. Once you fill it out and return it to me, I'll get started right away on your project. (Please note: this design will include a maximum of 3 rounds of revisions. Additional revisions will be available for an extra $10 each). Sounds simple, right?! I want to make this process as smooth as possible, and an enjoyable one as well.

So, are you in?

Great! Click here to grab your spot, and let's get started on your media kit today!  

{FEATURED} The DailyT Online

About a month ago, I was attending an event as a guest, when the host, unexpectedly, asked me to come down to the stage and share a little bit about my story, and my book, Unleash Your Inner Mogul. As a result, I was invited to be a guest on The DailyT Online by host Taylor Thibodeaux. In this fun interview, we discussed the process of self publishing my book, how I overcame a devastating car accident and started my business from my couch with just a laptop and cell phone, and why YOU need to stop sitting on your gifts so that you can unleash YOUR inner mogul., Check it out:

Thank you so much Taylor for having me. It was so awesome working with your team. Also, sending a major shout out to Crys Watson of Noir Unicorn, for making this connection happen.

Unleash Your Inner Mogul by Nikola Ahaiwe Unleash Your Inner Mogul is available on Amazon, or you can purchase here on my site by clicking on the Books tab.

2015 Year in Review: The Highlight Reel

What can I say about 2015?  It was definitely...interesting, to say the least. The year was filled with a lot of very HIGH high's and a few low's (hey, because life isn't perfect right?!) For the last week or so, I have been doing a lot of reflecting.  As we head into a new year, I wanted to take inventory of the good, the bad, and everything in between so that I would be better equipped to navigate my way through 2016, and it make it the best year possible. If you're an over-achiever like myself, you have a lot of big goals and dreams that you want to accomplish.  One thing I've noticed about myself is that I'm always so focused on reaching my next big milestone, that I sometimes forget to stop, appreciate, and even celebrate the things that I've already been able to accomplish. Although there were a few bumps in the road, I can definitely say that there were some pretty amazing things that happened in my life and business this past year. Let's take a stroll through my 2015 Highlight Reel, shall we: January

Mogul in the Making Entrepreneur Spotlight

2015 was definitely the Year of the Female Entrepreneur, and it was an honor for me to showcase on my blog some of the most talented, inspiring, amazing business women that I've had the pleasure of meeting, whether it was in person or solely online interaction. You ladies rock! MITM Spotlight Collage

Build Your Biz Through Blogging Workshop

In 2014, I hosted my first PAID workshop (Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses) outside of my own company events.  In the presentation, there was a small segment where I discussed the benefits of blogging for your business.  Unfortunately, because it was only a one hour workshop, I couldn't cover everything, but the students wanted MORE, and requested that I return to cover the topic.  The company agreed and brought me back in January to host the Build Your Biz Through Blogging Workshop, and it was the start of a great business relationship that led to several more workshops in 2015.  It all started when I decided to put my fear to the side, walked in and simply asked if the company would be interested in hosting my workshop.  Ask and you shall receive! Blogging Workshop March

Be Your Own Boss Conference

The Be Your Own Boss Conference allowed me to accomplish my goal of becoming a motivational speaker! After the devastating car accident that I experienced in November 2013, I made a promise to myself to share my story of overcoming tough obstacles in the hopes that it would inspire others to never stop fighting to reach their dreams. The highlight of the event was when a young lady attending from Fresno State University walked up after my speech and said "I loved your presentation...your story really inspired me to go after my dream of starting my business." Mission accomplished! Big THANK YOU to Rashunda Rene of the Inner City Youth Empowerment organization for having me. Be Your Own Boss Conference April

Became a PUBLISHED Author

I wrote this book during one of the lowest points of my life. Over the last few years, I became a single parent to two young children, experienced a devastating lay-off from my corporate job (only a few months after I purchased my home), and was involved in a near-fatal car accident that left me unable to walk for almost 6 months. I had two options: I could continue feeling sorry for my seemingly unending stroke of bad luck, or I could use these obstacles as the motivation to pursue the life I knew I was destined to lead. I chose the latter! This book is filled with stories of determination, perseverance, and triumph despite countless setbacks and obstacles. I discuss how I literally started my business from my living room sofa, with nothing but my cell phone and laptop, to go on to living life on my own terms as a motivational speaker, author, and marketing strategist/business coach. Writing and releasing my first book was truly a labor of love.  If I had to choose ONE accomplishment that I am most proud of, this would be it!  Not only was it a long time goal of mine, but finishing this book gave me the opportunity to help others realize that they too can accomplish those BIG, scary, audacious goals. Book Launch I am so grateful for each and every person that has purchased/read my book, shared it with a friend, etc.  Stay tuned, because the Unleash Your Inner Mogul Tour, as well as book #2, is on the top of my goals list for 2016! Book Supporters Collage

Beauty, Brains, & Bling Workshop

Beauty, Brains, & Bling is one of my FAVE workshops for young girls.  I've attended almost every session with my 7 year old twin daughters for almost two years now, so it was an absolute honor when my friend Michelle Harris Collins asked me to lead a session on Exploring Entrepreneurship.  We did a really fun exercise where the girls created a "business plan" and had the opportunity to present their idea to the group.  Fun times! I am looking forward to the next session on January 30th 2016. If you have a daughter (or know a young girl age 7-11, I highly recommend you sign her up!) Beauty Brains Bling May

Nik Gets Fit (Weight Loss Journey)

Back in April 2013, I made a decision to completely change to a healthier lifestyle by adjusting my diet, getting serious about working out, etc.  As a result I lost 30 pounds.  After the car accident, I pretty much gained all of the weight back and it was really hard to get back on track.  In May, I decided enough was enough, and even though I didn't feel physically strong enough, I started taking the steps to regain control of my health and fitness. Nik Gets Fit Collage I made a serious change to my diet by incorporating more fruits/veggies and also meal prepping.  I also started working out again, hitting the gym, doing Zumba 3 days/week and embracing my love for the outdoors by walking every morning at the park or hiking at the Culver City Stairs.  The pounds slowly but surely started dropping off again! I am not exactly where I want to be, but watch out because in 2016 I WILL get there! Weight Loss

Featured in The Huffington Post


Receiving an email from THE Arianna Huffington that my article, "Act Like an Employee, Think Like a Boss: 5 Tips for Working Productively From Home" would be featured on The Huffington Post was such a surreal moment!  One of my major 2016 goals is to increase my brand's awareness/visibility by being featured in more magazines, blogs, tv/news shows, etc., so hopefully this was just a pre-cursor of what's to come.


Digital Media Marketing Workshop

Cheers to another successful marketing workshop! I sold my book and was asked to teach another workshop (woot!), but the best part was hearing how much I've helped someone and how excited they were to begin implementing what they learned! If you would have told me a year ago that I would be standing in a room full of people, TEACHING, I would have never believed it (I had the worst fear of public speaking and could barely even walk, for goodness sakes). But when God has a greater plan than your own, you move on it. I'm so happy to have finally found my true purpose and passion. Digital Media Marketing Workshop October

Career Day at My Daughters' School

One of the highlights of my ENTIRE year was speaking at Career Day at the twins' school. The theme of the day was "That Can Be Me", and I loved speaking with the 2nd and 3rd grade classes and encouraging them to start pursuing their dreams NOW. Career Day September

Started My Natural Hair Journey

I'm going to be honest here: transitioning back to natural is NOT easy.  As a faithful perm and wig wearer, it has definitely been an adjustment that I am still getting used to.  There are good days where I am happy to snap a selfie to document the moment, and there are bad days when I have to grab a hat and keep it moving.  But overall, I am enjoying experimenting with my hair, learning how to keep it healthy, and watching it grow.  By this time next year I hope to have a better handle on it, and I'm able to mimic the styles I love from some of my fave natural hair divas. Natural Hair Journey Collage November

Six Weeks to Self-Publishing Webinar

I planned to host this webinar much earlier this year, but due to an internet outtage in my area on the day it was scheduled, I had to postpone it.  Well, I THOUGHT that would happen within a few days, but it actually took MONTHS (long story about fear and mental blocks that kept me from doing this). Anyhoo, I was so proud of myself for getting over it and getting it DONE, because after all, done will always be better than perfect.  I will be launching the 6 Weeks to Self-Publishing online course in early 2016.  If you've been saying that this year will be the year you finally write your book, and are interested in the course, jump on my mailing list here to be the first to receive details when it is released! Self Publishing Webinar I had a really great 2015, and cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for me.  My word for the year is GROWTH...in all areas, spiritually, mentally, physically, business, etc.

What is your word for 2016 and what do you hope to accomplish? 

To Your Prosperity and Success, Nikola Ahaiwe Business Success Coach | Marketing Strategist | Motivational Speaker Nikola Ahaiwe P.S. Join the community of other Moguls in the Making on Facebook for more valuable business tips, resources, and tools!  

MITM Entrepreneur Spotlight: Keneshia Raymond

Today's Mogul in the Making Entrepreneur Spotlight features Keneshia Raymond, a Southern California native and Bay Area transplant who is making her mark on the wedding world!  Keneshia is the Lady Boss and Editor in Chief of Blissful 2 Be Wedding Magazine & the founder of Enchanted: The Wedding Event. With a strong background in planning and design, she collaborates with a myriad of talented vendors to showcase the hottest new wedding trends and to give couples a wedding experience they will always remember.

Check out her interview...

Keneshia Raymond (Photo Credit: F3 Studios)

Name: Keneshia (Kay) Raymond Location:Bay Area, Ca Business Name: Blissful 2 Be Magazine & Enchanted: The Wedding Event Years in Business: 5 years

Are you a full or part time business owner? I am a full time business owner. Why did you start your business? I started my business after being a wedding planner and noticing that their was a void in wedding magazines. They were not showcasing the real side of weddings, but all the pretty that went into it. I wanted to showcase real couples and the real side of weddings...every shape, size, and nationality, and also those incredible vendors who were not being showcased because they didn't fit in what was the traditional model of the wedding industry. I wanted to showcase not only our couples, but our vendors as well.
Keneshia Raymond2 (Photo Credit: Alycia Creative Photography)
What has been the most rewarding aspect of having your own business? The most rewarding part of my business is the excitement from the vendors when they have been featured, or the couples when they see their wedding on the blog or in the magazine . Empowering the vendors to not only believe in themselves but to show them your work is amazing and the world believes so as well . I love being their cheerleader! I know it may sound corny but I feel like, as vendors, sometime we need the extra cheering squad. What are your biggest challenges? My biggest challenge is believing in myself, reminding myself that I am enough, and remembering why I do what I do and how much I love what I do.  Also remembering it’s okay to say no and not overstretch myself.  It's hard sometimes, but I am a work in progress.   What is the best business advice you’ve ever received? The best advice I have ever received is not to doubt myself, stay humble, and continue to learn.
Keneshia Raymond3 (Photo Credit: Juniper Spring Photography
Do you have a team or are you a one man/woman show? I have been a one woman show for the past 4 ½ years. I recently brought on a graphic designer to help with the magazine.  For the bridal show, we are a team of two women, myself and Diana Dorsey, who is also a wedding planner and has been working hard to bring Enchanted to new cities & states. Where do you see your biz in the next 5 years?

In 5 years...wow! I see Blissful2Be growing into a top 100 wedding blog and the magazine doing incredibly well. I see a team of 5 people working to get the magazine out bi-monthly and growing the education portion for our vendors. Keneshia Raymond4 (Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Miller Photography)

What advice would you give to other Moguls in the Making?

Starting a business is the easy part. Staying with it and growing your business is the hard part . Believe in yourself, be confident and persistent, enjoy and celebrate your success and your failure. You will hear a lot of No’s and that's okay because when you hear that one YES it will all be worth it . Stay strong and enjoy this life you are creating for yourself .   For more wedding bliss, connect with Keneshia online:

Blissful2Be Magazine

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Enchanted: The Wedding Event

Website | Facebook | Instagram


MITM Entrepreneur Spotlight: Denika Turner-Stephens

Happy Monday, future moguls! I hope you all had an amazing weekend.  I am so excited to be back with the Mogul in the Making entrepreneur spotlight.  I took a brief hiatus, but I have a great line-up of uber-talented and inspiring entrepreneur interviews coming up in the next few weeks, so be sure to check back frequently so that you don't miss a beat!

To kick things off, this week's entrepreneur spotlight features Denika Turner-Stephens, founder of Runway 4 Peace, a community organization whose mission is to create and showcase positive initiatives in an effort to raise awareness for the Stop the Violence cause. Growing up in the city of Compton, Denika realized there were limited resources and activities available to inner city youth.  As a teen, she dreamed of becoming a model, but was unable to find programs in her area to assist in fulfilling that dream. So, she made a promise to herself to do something about the huge void that desperately needed to be filled.  In 2012, Denika started Runway 4 Peace as a way to give young girls the opportunity to experience life on the runway. Check out her story...

Denika Turner-Stephens

Name: Denika Turner-Stephens Location: Compton, CA Business Name: Runway 4 Peace Years In business: 3

Are you full or part time business owner? Part Time Why did you start your business? Growing up in the City of Compton, there were not many activities for young girls to participate in. I wanted to model and that was a program that our community lacked. So I decided to provide those services. Unfortunately during the months spent puzzling my ideas, my niece was shot 3 times outside her home March of 2010 at the age of 10. To God be the Glory she survived.  After experiencing something so tragic, I felt eager to raise awareness for the STOP THE VIOLENCE cause. Compton is known to be very violent and I wanted to change the mood by gathering the youth to create and showcase positivity, and also give young girls the opportunity to experience life on the runway. That's when I knew I had a passion with a purpose. Denika Turner-Stephens Runway 4 Peace What has been the most rewarding aspect of your business? I would have to say being my own boss and doing what I love. It's a joy seeing my vision come to life. What are your biggest challenges? I am afraid of rejection so networking is my biggest challenge. With me being young, not many people take my project seriously, therefore it creates this barrier that I am afraid to overcome. I came to the point, as if, I can do it on my own, but reality is, I NEED A TRUSTWORTHY TEAM.

Denika Turner-Stephens Runway 4 Peace

What is the best business advice you’ve ever received? "If your dreams don't scare you, then they are not big enough" -Steve Harvey "It doesn't have to be perfect to get started but you have to get started for it to be perfect" -Natalie Gouche Do you have a team, or are you a one man/woman show? Everyone thinks I'm a one woman show, however, I do run my ideas through my husband. Denika Turner-Stephens Runway 4 Peace Where do you see your biz in the next 5 years? I plan to have a modeling school for my W.E.R.K program which is a Women's Empowerment Runway Klass to provide free training. What advice would you give to other Moguls in the making? Understand that your purpose is for YOU. There will be hard times, and it will seem as if no one cares, but never give up. Remember your "WHY" for doing what you do!

For more information on Denika Turner-Stephens and Runway 4 Peace, visit her Website or connect with her on Facebook.

If you would like to be featured in the MITM Entrepreneur Spotlight, please email your request to info@nikolaahaiwe.com

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MITM Entrepreneur Spotlight: Brittney Castro

Today's Mogul in the Making Entrepreneur Spotlight features Brittney Castro, founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women,  a Los Angeles based financial planning firm for women. She specializes in working with busy professional and entrepreneurial women who are passionate about life and want to gain clarity around their money. Brittney’s mission is to help women plan and create the life of their dreams, free from anxiety about money. She is known for her innovative, non-judgmental, compassionate approach to financial planning, and has been featured in several major publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Planning Magazine, Investment News, and Registered Rep Magazine to name a few! Check out her story...

Brittney Castro - Financially Wise Women




Years in Business: 2 YEARS

Are you a full or part time business owner? Full time. Why did you start your business? I started my business because I am very passionate about helping others, specifically women, use their money to live their dream lives. After being a financial planner working at other firms for about 7 years, I saw how savvy and successful women were still so intimidated by their money, and most avoided hiring a financial planner since most of the industry is still made up of male financial advisors.  I wanted to be the go-to financial planner for women and teach others to live an authentic and inspiring life by learning how to make, manage, save, invest, and protect their money in a fun and simple way.  My mission is to be the type of financial planner that changes the landscape for modern women and how they see and feel about their money, and is a pioneer for other women financial planners who want to help empower and educate women around money. What has been the most rewarding aspect of having your own business? The most rewarding aspect of having my own business is seeing the direct impact my advice and guidance brings to my client’s financial lives. I love hearing the success stories of my clients who tell me they love managing their money after working with me and make more money because they are now viewing their money in a whole new way. It is beyond rewarding to know I have helped them transform their financial lives from one of stress, overwhelm and anxiety to one of fun, excitement and peace of mind. Money is just a tool to be used however we desire in life and once my clients really commit to the financial planning relationship with me, so many magical things are possible for them. It’s so amazing and it inspires me to continue helping people with their finances, one woman at a time.

Brittney Castro Money Class

What are your biggest challenges? The biggest challenge is managing all the different hats one must wear when owning a business. Every day I have to come fully ready to tackle the many roles of being a business owner and make sure I am leading my FWW team and clients in the right direction. It is not always easy but with the help of my amazing support group full of family and friends, I am able to constantly grow to become a better and better business owner and leader for my FWW tribe. What is the best business advice you’ve ever received? To enjoy the journey. I know it sounds cliché but it is so important to enjoy the ride. It is full of ups and downs, twists and turns and there is always “something” else to worry about, do, work on, etc. so you have to be able to cherish each moment and soak up as much of the journey as possible. Do you have a team or are you a one man/woman show? I have a team that consists of one assistant and one intern.

Brittney Castro - Financially Wise Women

Where do you see your biz in the next 5 years? I see the FWW business becoming more of a lifestyle brand that helps women create their ideal lives and expand into the media industry in order to do so. My goal is to continue serving as many women as possible through our financial planning services, online products, webinars, workshops, live conferences, and eventually launch the Financially Wise Women TV Show to help people understand that money can really be fun and simple. We have very lofty goals, but given our track record within the past two years of starting, I am only very excited to see where the FWW path takes us. What advice would you give to other Moguls in the Making? Keep your eye on the prize and keep going no matter what. When you follow your dreams and lead from your heart day in and day out, amazing things can happen in your life. I have been blown away by all that has come to me since starting my business and even when the naysayers and myself for that matter have doubted the goals I set out for myself, I’ve only been able to achieve more than what I imagined because I’ve stayed the course and followed my heart. Starting a business is not for the faintest of hearts but it is really incredible and if you have that burning desire inside you to launch your own business, do it. You only get one life if you are lucky so make the most of it!

 Brittney Castro - Financially Wise Toolkit

If you're ready to start loving your money, sign up to receive your FREE Financially Wise Toolkit jam packed with great tools & resources to help you on your financial journey by visiting the Financially Wise Women website.

For more information on Brittney Castro and Financially Wise Women, connect with her online at:

Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Instagram

Photos Credit: Lindsay Rosenberg

If you would like to be featured in the MITM Entrepreneur Spotlight, please email your request to info@nikolaahaiwe.com

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