Do you need a speaker for your event? Book Nikola Ahaiwe for your next conference, workshop, seminar, networking event, retreat, etc.

Nikola is well versed in the areas of personal development, marketing strategies (online & off), branding, motivation, and women’s empowerment.

 Nikola inspired and motivated me to succeed in life and to fight for what I want.It was an honor to listen to your presentation. I learned so much in a limited amount of time. She’s an amazing woman.

Nikola Ahaiwe - Motivational Speaker

Signature Speaking Topics: 

Mastering the Mogul Mindset

Success in anything starts with the right mindset.  When making the transition to becoming a full time business owner, it is sometimes hard to get out of “hobby” mode and start treating your business like it is already a thriving empire.  Nikola will walk the audience through the steps it takes to get out of the employee mindset and start thinking like a boss!

Dream Big, or Go Home

It takes just as much energy to dream big as it does to dream small. Nikola will encourage the audience to break free of all self-limiting beliefs and boundaries that have held them back in the past, and feel motivated to pursue their biggest, most audacious goals.  The crowd will leave excited and ready to step into their purpose, with a renewed sense of freedom and self-confidence.

Turn Your Mess Into a Message

Everyone has a story to tell.  After experiencing a series of seemingly never-ending trials (becoming a single mother, being laid off, suffering a debilitating injury after a near-fatal car accident, etc), Nikola lived to tell her story.  Now, she is showing others that it is possible to rise above negativity, overcome any obstacles thrown your way, and use your story to motivate and inspire others.

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