Month: September 2017

{VIDEO} Sneak Peek Inside of the Live Your Vision Planner!


They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That is exactly why I created the Live Your Vision workbook that doubles as a planner. This 108 page book was designed as a tool to help you take your goals, ideas, and the big vision you have for your life and business, and turn them into reality.

So many people have reached out to me, asking for a sneak peak of the contents of the book, and a breakdown of how it works. So, I decided to put together this quick video that explains it all!

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The Live Your Vision planner is the ultimate tool to help you achieve your goals and live your life…on purpose!

The book is broken down into two sections:

Part One is a workbook designed to help you by engaging in interactive goal setting activities.

Part Two is a year long planner. Each month begins with a monthly calendar, followed by a weekly planner.

At the end of each month’s segment, you will have an opportunity to answer questions to reflect on the past month’s activities, as well as assess your growth.

LYV Planner

Success is intentional and has to be planned for. The Live Your Vision planner is here to help you stay on the path to living your dream life!


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Side Hustle to CEO: Q&A Replay


Last night, I planned to host the Side Hustle to CEO Masterclass, but due to some major tech issues, that unfortunately didn’t happen.


Instead of canceling altogether (which I absolutely hate to do), I did a little quick thinking, and decided to do an impromptu Facebook Live Q&A session for those that signed up for the class.


You can CLICK HERE to check it out.


If you were already signed up for the class, don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything else. You will receive your login information via email. If you did not sign up for last night’s class, you’re in luck! Just click here to grab your spot now, as space is limited.


I truly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I always look for the message in every situation, and this was my main takeaway: as an entrepreneur, always be prepared to pivot and shift. When everything that can go wrong, goes wrong, think fast, come up with a plan B, but whatever you do, don’t let minor setbacks keep you from stepping forward.


That’s a word!


Looking forward to chatting with you all next week!






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