Kiaundra Jackson is the Co-Founder of KW Essential Services, a private practice for mental health that integrates complementary methodologies with compassion to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. She is a Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern specializing in improving intimacy with couples by increasing effective two-way communication. As a graduate of Azusa Pacific University, Kiaundra is currently serving a broad spectrum of clients. Among her areas of expertise are: Premarital and Marital Issues, Anger Management, Addiction, Depression, and more! Her therapeutic approach is holistic, eclectic, and tailored to her clients’ needs to make sure each person is cared for biologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Kiaundra Jackson - KW Essential Services
Name: Kiaundra Jackson
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Business Name: KW Essential Services
Years in Business: 6 months

Are you a full or part time business owner?

I am currently a part-time business owner; however, I am looking to become full-time within one year.

Why did you start your business?

I co-founded KW Essential Services out of a desire to see more individuals, couples, and families reach their true potential. Going through my own personal and familial struggles allowed me to see the areas where others may also need assistance. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have seen too many broken homes and people struggling through life’s challenges. My passion is working with couples so my goal is to help them maintain a healthy, long-lasting relationship by giving them the necessary tools for each stage in their relationship.

Kiaundra Jackson - KW Essential Services

What has been the most rewarding aspect of having your own business?

The most rewarding aspect of having my own business is seeing lives changed, relationships restored, and families reconnected right in front of my very eyes. The joy that comes with knowing the business I started, has changed other’s lives in a positive way is priceless. Many may not understand this concept, but there is something special about being able to walk with someone through the toughest times of their lives. Leaving that kind of lasting imprint is one of the best feelings in the world. In addition, the freedom to create my own schedule, not have to answer to a boss, or have someone determine by worth based on my yearly salary are also aspects that have been quite rewarding.

What are your biggest challenges?

Truthfully, my biggest challenge has been the person in the mirror. Starting my own business has been the best time of my life, but also the most challenging. It has required me to push myself harder than I have ever pushed myself to accomplish any goal. My whole life has changed because I had to get outside of my comfort zone, which also meant changing my thinking and leaving behind the familiar.

What is the best business advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I have ever received was from a woman who told me to always be a woman of integrity. That is something I will never forget because I have embodied it into my daily life. It is important to always keep your word, be honest, and as consistent as possible. When others see those values, they are drawn to your character and cannot help but want to be associated with you on a personal or professional level.

Kiaundra Jackson - KW Essential Services

Do you have a team or are you a one man/woman show?

Wendy Talley is also the co-founder of KW Essential Services. Not only is she a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, but she is also my rock. I would not be here today if it were not for her seeing something unique in me from the first time we met. We are such kindred spirits that people think we are sisters everywhere we go. There is no other person I would rather be on this journey with. Her education, expertise, and theoretical approach are complementary to mine which makes our business partnership a match made in heaven.

Where do you see your biz in the next 5 years?

I have huge goals for KW Essential Services. Within the next 5 years, we will be a thriving private practice serving the greater Los Angeles area and abroad. We aspire to be well-known in the field of mental health by providing workshops, seminars, conferences, and trainings. We want to expand beyond serving those in need to also helping leverage other mental health professionals to accomplish their professional goals.

Kiaundra Jackson - KW Essential Services

What advice would you give to other Moguls in the Making?

The advice I would give to other Moguls in the Making is to continue to strive towards your goals, even in the face of adversity. Never allow giving up to be an option for you. The road to success may get hard, frustrating, and lonely, but the results will be worth it. I would encourage every person to pursue his or her passions in life. God designed us all to be different and unique for the purpose of using our gifts, talents, resources, ideas, and services to be a blessing to others. Therefore, someone in the world is in need of the very thing you have to offer.

If you would like to learn more about Kiaundra and KW Essential Services, connect with her online:

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