Nikola Ahaiwe Blogging Workshop
Facilitating the “Build Your Business Through Blogging” workshop. Don’t mind the crazy facial expression and hand gesture…I was really into it!

Excuse me while I get a little transparent for a moment…


If you would have told me in the early part of last year that I would be conquering my fear of public speaking by teaching live workshops/classes, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. Yes, it was a part of my vision, but there was still a tiny little voice in my head telling me that it couldn’t be done.

Aside from my public speaking phobia, I was still battling self-esteem issues stemming from the way I walked after I was in a pretty bad car accident. But you know what, I pressed forward anyway. I tuned out that nagging little voice (it’s a skill you learn once you become a mom), and I simply went for it.

I say all of this to say, when you truly want something, there is absolutely NOTHING that can stop you. You have to kick fear in the face and tell your self-doubt that it has no place in your life.

It has always been my passion to help others, but over the last few months, that passion has transformed into my PURPOSE. I know that I was brought here to serve others, and I am ready to accept that mission. I declare that I will use my gifts to inspire, motivate, encourage, and uplift others.

Below are a couple more pictures of me facilitating the “Build Your Business Through Blogging” workshop a few nights ago:

Nikola Ahaiwe Blogging Workshop

Nikola Ahaiwe Blogging Workshop

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