Hey there, future moguls! I’m so excited to bring back the Mogul in the Making Entrepreneur spotlight series.  We took a little hiatus, with the craziness of the holidays, but I have a great lineup of super talented, inspiring, and passionate entrepreneurs to showcase over the next several weeks!

First up is Tiffany Lanier, of LiveWithTiffany.com.  Tiffany helps entrepreneurs fall in love with what they do, from wherever they want to do it by creating, packaging, and marketing their brilliance online.  Read on to find out how she fell into entrepreneurship “on accident” and how she plans to take her business worldwide!

Name: Tiffany Lanier
Location: Denver
Business Name: Live with Tiffany
Years in Business: Almost 3

Tiffany Lanier, founder of Live With Tiffany

Are you a full or part time business owner?

Why did you start your business?
Well…I started my business on accident. I was planning to quit my first job out of college at a Startup as a Social Media Marketer to go to Costa Rica to “find myself.” I knew I wanted to do something on my own but I didn’t know what at the time. But I did know that working 9-5 wasn’t for me. Right before I bought a one way ticket to Costa Rica I was offered another marketing job at a local Marketing and Advertising firm but quickly discovered it was not for me.  I knew I didn’t want a job but at the same time saw an opportunity to learn from other marketers to increase my skill-set. But after only 2 weeks of working there the boss came in screaming at everyone for what reason I’m not sure. I was not a fan. Later that night I wrote him an email simply explaining that I wasn’t please with his level of disrespect and because of it, I could no longer work FOR him but I would consider working with him and the company, if he’d like to contract me.  To my surprise he said, “ok.” They became my first client and I started freelance marketing business.

Around the same time, I started a Women’s event business. And after about 20 months of mistakes and not being fulfilled later, I decided to start my Online Coaching Business, where I provide Business and Online Marketing coaching and strategy for entrepreneurs looking to build their personal brands online. I really wanted freedom to do my business anywhere I desired to be, as well as create a business that was scalable, allowing me to have several business models under one umbrella brand.

Tiffany Lanier, founder of Live With Tiffany

What has been the most rewarding aspect of having your own business?

Waking up every day knowing that I’m in control and that I literally create my outcomes.

What are your biggest challenges?
Some of the biggest challenges I’ve faced being entrepreneur was not knowing what I didn’t know and not having the capital to make bigger moves faster. I think those are two challenges most entrepreneurs face, especially in the beginning. I strongly believe it’s important to invest in help and support before you think you need it. Hiring a coach or a strategist, even if it’s for a one-time session, can give you more clarity than 6 months to a year of fumbling around.

What is the best business advice you’ve ever received?
“Charge what you’re worth.” You know why that’s so important? Because if you don’t you start to resent your clients and yourself which doesn’t allow you to love your business.

Tiffany Lanier, founder of Live With Tiffany

Do you have a team or are you a one man/woman show?
For the most part I’m a one-woman show, but I do outsource certain task here and there.

Where do you see your biz in the next 5 years?
Wow 5 years. My long term is 6-12 months lol. I see myself Speaking world-wide, continuing to coach and really expanding on retreats and Live events.

What advice would you give to other Moguls in the Making?
Start where you are. There will never be a great star aligned time to start your business. Take what you have and what you know and just take action. It’s better to build a little every day than to put it off for years and never start at all.

For more information on Tiffany Lanier and Live With Tiffany, check her website at http://www.livewithtiffany.com, or connect with her online at:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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