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I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs break through the barriers that have been holding them back, eliminate excuses, kick fear in the face, and go after those BIG, scary goals that they were always too afraid to chase.

You see, I am a dreamer. In fact, my motto is “dream big or go home”. I have never met a challenge that intimidated me so much that I ran away from it. Nope. In fact, I thrive on challenges…and that is exactly what I want to teach you.  How to persevere through obstacles, overcome fear of the unknown, and how to be wildly successful while doing it!

So, if you are ready to ROCK it in your biz, and grow your small business into the thriving empire that you only thought you could dream of, I urge you to contact me to set up a strategy session to create a step-by-step blueprint that will take you from struggling business owner to future mogul!

I look forward to connecting with you!

Nikola Ahaiwe Business Coach – Motivational Speaker – Blogger